Registration Questions


Who can compete at Diamond State Masters Regatta?

The Regatta is open only to masters-aged rowers (21+) with two exceptions: coxswains do not need to be masters, nor do children in the parent/child events.

DSMR is a USRowing sanctioned regatta: all competing clubs must be USRowing registered organizations. Competitors rowing as “unaffiliated” must be Championship level members of USRowing. Competitors rowing for USRowing registered clubs do not need to be championship members. To join USRowing or sign a waiver, click here.

How do I register for Diamond State Masters Regatta?

All registrations must be made through Ronin Racing.

How do I make a “composite” entry?

Composite entries are made as if they are a separate club called “Composite Affiliation”. If a registrant has both regular (single-club) registrations and composite boats to register, he or she needs to complete two registrations as if registering boats for two separate affiliations. Under the affiliation drop down menu registrants should select “Composite Affiliation” as the club for the boat. Once that is selected, on the boat line-up page an additional field will appear for each boat to allow them to enter the composite information. If you have difficulty, please contact Ronin Racing.

I’m having trouble uploading my roster to Ronin. What should I do?

Registrants can upload a roster to their MyRONIN account to assist in completing lineups.  Once logged into your MyRONIN account, you will find the roster upload instructions on the “Manage Roster” tab.  If your file will not upload for any reason, please e-mail the excel file you are attempting to upload to help@roninregistration.com and include the MyRONIN username in the body of the message. Or contact Ronin Racing here.

I have a billing question. Whom do I contact?

Please contact Ronin Racing.

I put my entry in the wrong event!

In most cases Ronin Racing. or the race director can move your entry. If the correct event is full, however, it may not be possible to move your entry, so it is best that you double check your entries and contact us as soon as possible.

My entry is on a waitlist. When will I know if it has been accepted?

The race director will make every effort to accept all entries and let you know in a timely manner if your entry has been accepted. This can take anywhere from minutes to a few days. Please note that your credit card will only be charged if an entry is accepted. To avoid being charged, let Ronin or the race director know as soon as possible if you need to remove an entry from the waitlist.

I’d like to make a third entry in an age division but the registration rules forbid this. Is there any way my entry can race?

Contact the race director. If there is room in the race, she will try to accommodate extra entries.

I missed the registration deadline. May I still make an entry?

If there is space in an appropriate flight, we will make every effort to fit you in. Please contact the race director.




How do I sign my waiver?

As of 2016, all competitors must have a signed USRowing waiver. You may sign your waiver here.

I signed my waiver, but it doesn’t show up on my coach’s or captain’s roster. What is wrong?

Don’t worry; we probably have your waiver as it’s often a problem of a variant email address entered for your coach or captain. Please contact Ronin Racing to be sure.

Can I link the USRowing waiver system with Ronin?

Yes. If you have trouble, please contact Ronin Racing.


Race Day Questions


I’ve heard the course is longer than 1000 meters. If so, how are the 250-meter markers placed?

Yes, the course is slightly longer than 1000 meters at approximately 1,073 meters. The 250-meter markers are at 250-meter intervals from the start line, so the last marker is therefore 323 meters from the finish line.

When and where do we launch?

All launching is made at Dock A. To control congestion on the dock, the starting area, and for safety, three announcements are made for each event for launching and you must check in before you launch. Make sure your heel ties and bow ball comply with USRowing rules before you launch or you will not be allowed on the dock. You may not launch from any other dock unless you have permission for a specific boat that is hotseating.

How much time do we need to get from the dock to the start line?

The launch dock is approximately 800 meters from the start line. There are a few hazards and pinch points that may require boats to weigh enough and wait for a race to go by or for congestion. Above the start line there’s some space for tens and starts but it can be tight and you should be aware of weeds.

Seven minutes seems like a long time between races. Can we start a race early?

We have seven-minute centers to control a race waking subsequent races and to mitigate race conflicts for boat usage and participants rowing in multiple races. Officials may start a race ahead of schedule but you have the right to refuse to start early if your boat is not ready.

We need to hotseat a boat. How does that work?

We do not encourage this but recognize that sometimes it must occur. Please contact the launch dispatcher at Dock A. Options vary depending upon each situation. If your races are deemed too close, you may not hotseat, nor will a race be held past its published start time to accommodate a hotseated boat.

We need to hotseat a rower. How does that work?

We do not encourage this but recognize that sometimes it must occur. Please contact the launch dispatcher at Dock A. Options vary depending upon each situation. If the races are deemed too close, you may not hotseat, nor will a race be held past its published start time to accommodate a hotseating situation.

Is there food and water available at the Regatta?

Yes. Vendors may change, but there is always an opportunity to buy sandwiches, ice cream or shaved ice, and drinks. In the past, we have had Salad Works at the regatta and they welcome pre-orders to ensure your sandwiches or salads are available when you need them. Contact the race director for more information.

I have an hour or two of extra time. May I help out the Regatta?

Yes! Our regatta is completely run by volunteers, and we would love your help. Please contact our volunteer coordinator before the regatta, but if you find you have time during the regatta, just go to the volunteer tent.


Post Regatta Questions


Are there any photos or videos from the regatta?

RONIN Racing will post finish line videos of most races after the regatta to their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/RONIN-Racing/369760613975). Row2k often comes to the Sunday races.


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